Saturday, April 10, 2021

Friday, April 2, 2021

To be a composer means to find the material, to locate, open, and explore it, to find composition in its secret hiding place and work with the ideas becoming. To further the perception, energy and inspiration with this material in this impermanence we live in which to explore and experience. By being composers we settle on our mental, spiritual, physiological evolution in the moment and tend to our curiosity and capacity for exploring and realizing our way of using or letting something be. Composition doesn't have to be the way someone else thinks it does. It doesn't have to be notated, it doesn't have to be for particular instrumentation, it doesn't have to prove something someone else thinks it does... Composition is an experience. It's our offering, our personal research and message and life and something that we wanted to go in to, go out to. We want to have an experience, and to share it. Creating an experience. To realize life to the primordial level, to the primitive level, to the furthest implications of what this means. To connect and go beyond together. And then by experiencing, we realize something. Realization is what it boils down to. It doesn't have to be in writing or a material object. It doesn't have to cost money, it doesn't have to be popular. Just realization. It can be in any medium, in any time, in any size... Anything. Just realization. To free our minds, to free our lives... Unlimited, never-ending. Transcending all those tricks of society and ego which hold us back, which make us insecure, which make us doubt, make us fear, make us not trust. Sometimes being a composer can mean just simply being somewhere and experiencing something beyond or going out into something. "To study the Way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be actualized by the myriad things. When actualized by the myriad things, your body and mind as well as the bodies and minds of others drop away. No trace of 'enlightenment' remains, and this no-trace continues endlessly." (Dogen). Sometimes being a composer can just mean knowing what one should have as an experience and going into it or subjecting oneself to it for means of realization beyond self, to experience something that informs us of creation in which we can find the experiences of composition. Being a composer is the act of knowing that timing. Intuition is being in touch with the timing, creating this interconnection, activating it, being it. That's life. Being a composer is also another form of being an improviser, being able to hold on to the dream, and vice versa, improviser is another way of being a composer, being able to discover the material in the moment and have an experience with it.