Monday, February 7, 2022

Open field coexistence and flow

Remembering this moment, this video from 2018 summer, in Oslo; and now, in present-day reflections in practice here happening, reawakenings on long-form existential warmup, the message of it, coexistent spaces like this, open field, everyone just doing their thing separately, independently, unself-conscious... Just open field perspective. That daily access we need for our life. Open flow. Consciousness exhales more fully. To open up the body, energy... And never becoming "too good" or "virtuosic". Touch and go. Freedom. Lightness. More open, authentic, current, flexible, and stirred up. And to then transcend the  "mundane" upon reentry, surfing life from a higher well-being as we need to show up. Strength. Balance.  Buoyancy. Circulation. Earth gym. Access. 


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Set free all music. 
What's in you – the language you make. 
Let it unfold beyond catering to any notions of what you "should" do – 
what equals a certain stylized you. 
Just pace energy. 
You discover the "you" of today – 
what music and possibilities of creation you have stirring within that want OUT – 
that want to serve a greater "something" – some tribute – 
which music always is on some soul level – 
connecting to something greater. 
Opening up invisible dimensions. 
Stay connected. 
Discover the space, time, and inner solitude you need 
in your consciousness to stretch free. 
You reassert your artistic independence 
beyond all collaborations or opinions. 
All love. 
Being free – forgetting, trusting, and relieving energy perceived, and we work with it.
We practice speaking. Again. 
Saying something, but not. 
A vibration meditation and discovery. 
Rhythms are free from usual associations, affiliations. 
Surrendering technique to new ways of releasing. 
What's the technique for Now?! 
We rediscover this. 
There is no "technique". 
Just oneness of expression. 
Our practice. 
There is no rehearsal to satisfy. 
No one to impress. 
Nothing to prove – except, 
for the fact that we need to maintain this zone throughout all circumstances. 
Never lose sight or touch with what's creating – 
what you're seeing and hearing in it – 
how you dream your art out of it. 
Use all of life. 
All mediums. 
Why not? 
Who says we can't? 
stay in touch with your joy of 
discovering expression – experimentation – 
searching for new expressions. 
The freedom of creation.