Wednesday, February 15, 2023


Everything speaks. Everything is language, consciousness, shapes, conveyance, encoded reason. We are conductors of perception and play in reality, physical orchestrators of communications channeling, bridging worlds which meet through our cognizance. Improviser = composer = improviser = composer… Our practice is exploration, duration, hold, threshold, space, choice, interaction, non interaction, dynamics, energy, body. Amounts of things. Touch. There is no turning back from the experiences and exposures which evolve the love and flow and articulation of our being and awareness. We continually curate the galleries of our mind, this dream we each are in the universe. A seance of world premiere meetings. Such is meditation too. It is beyond words, and yet we know it. How far can we go? We honor life, this opportunity of existence and healing we’re given. We use it and sing it through. Our life is cosmic synchronicity made manifest.